If-Labrador-Retrievers-Could-Choose-Their-OwnersIf a Labrador Retriever could choose his owner, rather than the other way around, he would probably choose an owner who likes to do stuff. Being active himself, the Lab would enjoy a companion who will go for walks, hike in the hills, throw the ball, go swimming, and train with firmness yet fun.
Labs also need an owner who will be a leader. A good leader is kind and car¬ing yet firm. The leader provides the dog with guidance and security. Without a strong leader, the Lab will remain silly and undisciplined, as well as physically strong and rowdy.
Labs also need an owner who is willing and able to train the dog, beginning in early puppyhood and continuing well into adulthood. Not only does this help establish leadership, but it also teaches this soon-to-be-large dog self-control. Training also occupies the dog’s mind—something every Lab needs.
The owner of a Lab is in for a dog’s lifetime of busyness. Lab puppies are silly, clumsy, and on the go all the time. But even when they are mentally and physi¬cally mature, Labs are still looking for something to do. The Lab will drop a ten¬nis ball in your lap for you to throw or will bring you his leash—a hint that it’s time for a walk. Gray-muzzled old Labs may enjoy time to snooze on the sofa, but even the old dogs still want to be a part of life and involved with everything that’s going on. So the best owner for a Lab is someone who wants a real canine companion; someone who wants to share their life with a devoted dog.

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