Labrador Retriever - Homemade DietsDog owners who feed homemade diets usually do so because they are concerned about the quality of commercially available foods. Some owners do not want their dogs eating the additives or preservatives that are in many commercial dog foods. Others cook their dogs’ food so they can control exactly what their dogs eat. Many, many people began making homemade diets for their dogs during and after the pet food recalls of 2008.
There are many resources now available to dog owners who wish to feed a homemade diet. Just make sure the diet is complete and contains all the nutri¬ents your dog needs, and keep a line of communication open with your veteri¬narian so they can monitor your dog’s continued good health.

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  1. patrick montoya says:

    i have recieve a new labrdor puppy and was wondering some times on feeding methods and housebreaking it

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