Labrador Retriever - Make Your Yard SafeLabrador Retrievers are companion dogs and prefer to spend all of their time with you. However, they do need to be outside sometimes to get some sunshine and exercise and to relieve themselves. It’s also important that you allow your Lab some time away from you now and then, too, even if he’s not happy about it, so that he doesn’t get worried when you go to work, or the store, or to visit friends. Let him spend an hour or two each day outside in your yard as long as the yard is safe and secure.
A six-foot-high, solid (so the dog cannot see through it) fence is best for a Lab. It can be a solid wooden fence or a concrete block wall. A chain link fence the dog can see through is not a good idea, because your Lab may decide to bark at everything he sees. This can lead to problem barking.
If your fence is not secure or if you would like to protect some parts of your yard, you can build a dog run. It should be large enough to provide your dog with room to move around and room to relieve himself away from his favorite place to bask in the sun. Since Labs can be diggers, the floor of the run should be concrete or should have wire fencing under the dirt or sand substrate.
Your dog should always have some shade and shelter from the weather. This can be a shade awning, a large tree, or even access to the garage. Very few Labs will use a doghouse, so this will be wasted. (You will see your Lab outside, even in the rain, because most Labs love water and their waterproof coat protects them.)
He should also have a source of fresh, clean water. A five-gallon galvanized tub works well because it’s large enough that the water can stay cool and heavy enough that the dog cannot dump it over.

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