Labrador Retriever - Pet ProfessionalsAlthough dogs have been our companions for thousands of years, you will find that you need some help with your new dog. Enlisting the help of some experienced pet professionals can help you keep your dog healthy, well behaved, and well cared for throughout his lifetime.


The veterinarian to whom you choose to give your business will become your partner in your dog’s continued good health. Like a family physician, the veterinarian will get to know your dog, will keep records on his weight and physical condition, and will help you get your dog through any health challenges.
When choosing a vet, call and make an appointment and go in without your dog. Expect to pay for an office call, since you are taking up the vet’s time. Then ask some questions. The first one should be “Do you like Labrador Retrievers?” If your vet has had some bad experiences with the breed, they may prefer not to work with them. You don’t want someone taking care of your dog who dislikes the breed or who is afraid of them.
If the veterinarian likes the breed, ask about their veterinary experience, office practices, and policies. What problems do they normally see with the breed and how do they handle those issues? How do they handle emergencies or after-hours problems?
When you have had a thorough discussion with the vet, and it seems the two of you will be able to work together, make another appointment for your dog. You want to make sure your new dog is healthy and to get him started on vacci¬nations or other health care needs.


Just as with the veterinarian, find a trainer who likes Labs. Ask about their experience with the breed, what problems they have seen and how they handle them. If you see a well-behaved, nicely trained Lab when you are out for a walk, ask where the owner took their dog for training.
Every trainer has their own training technique, so go and watch one of this trainer’s classes or training sessions. Make sure you will be happy with their training style and technique before you sign up for classes.

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