The Lab’s CharacterLabrador Retrievers have been the most popular dog in America for many years, for several reasons. The breed’s size and easy-care coat certainly have something to do with this popularity, but most enthusiasts say they love the dogs’ personality. Labs are fun. They love to play and are always up for whatever you want to do. You like hiking? Labs love to go for a hike! You like to go swimming? They’ll do that, too. Labs chase balls and catch Frisbees. They will play with the kids, and go jogging with Dad. Labs enjoy life!

Family and Friends

Labrador Retrievers are devoted family dogs. They love everyone in the family equally with loyalty and devotion. When you come home, even if you’ve only been gone a few minutes, you’ll be greeted with a wagging tail, a wriggling body, and a smiling face.
This breed is also very devoted to his friends. Once you’re a friend, you will be greeted with enthusiasm each and every time the dog sees you, no matter whether it’s weekly or once a year.

Intelligence and Trainability

Labs are bright dogs. They are smart enough to get into trouble and can figure out problems: Many Labs have figured out how to open sliding glass doors to let themselves into the house! The breed is also very trainable. When you have fig¬ured out how to motivate the dog and keep his attention, Labs can (and have) been trained in agility, flyball, obedience, therapy dog work, search and rescue, and much more.
Although Lab puppies can be very silly and easily distracted, once past ado¬lescence they can become more serious about training. Puppy owners just need to be patient and consistent with training.

Active Dogs

Labs do best in a household where the people want to do things with him. If they’re left alone for too many hours each day, many Labs will find ways to amuse themselves, and often those activities will be unwelcome. Labs have been known to bark too much, dig holes in the lawn, pull down the woodpile searching for critters, and escape from the yard. Labs can also be destructive chewers. However, when you can spend time with him every day and can make sure the dog gets enough exercise, your Lab will be a wonderful companion dog.

Not Protective

If you’re looking for a protective dog, perhaps a dog who would give his life to defend you, don’t get a Lab. Labs will bark a few times when someone approaches the house, but other than that, the breed is not at all protective. This breed was bred to be nonthreatening.
This trait is one of the reasons why they are such good family dogs. Not only are Labs always ready to play, but they also don’t get upset when other people play. For example, if your son brings home his friends and the kids begin wrestling in the backyard, the Lab may either join in or just watch. A protective dog will be very upset. To a protective dog, wrestling is a potential attack. But not to a Lab.

Working Dog Extraordinaire

Several of the breeds characteristics have made them very popular as working dogs. The Lab’s keen sense of smell and love of play has lead many military and law enforcement agencies to use them for detection work. With a play session as a reward, Labs will search for drugs, contraband, and other items. They are also excellent search and rescue dogs.
The breed’s devotion to his owners and trainability have made it popular as assistance and service dogs. The Lab’s wonderful temperament and friendliness lead them to be wonderful therapy dogs. Labrador Retrievers can be found working in many different occupations.

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